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Should you not want to climb a tree with a machete clenched between your teeth, I highly recommend this coconut in a box. Complete with spoon! It a perfect blend of coconut juice and coconut meat. That's right.


Another image from the restaurant underground Kyoto. And now for a story: When we opened the menu we were like egads! Nothing was in English at all and there were no pictures. So we had to go outside with the waitress and point at the plastic food displays in the window. It was quite hilarious. I took pictures of them for future reference.

I'm lovin' it!

This image speaks for itself.

We got an answer for you!

Are you tired of cold hands? Hands, that by the power of mochi imbedded with ice cream, have left you with icicle fingers? Well, fear no more! Just find yourself a 1/2 cup measuring cup and enjoy your mochi without losing warmth.
The featured mochi ice cream is of strawberry descent.

Who's in the pot boiling?

The tofu, water and shitake~! :D

Actually, I have no idea what kind of mushroom that is. All I know is that it tasted good! As did the tofu which was quite hot. The bottom was lit up by the waitress so that you could watch it boil first hand. This cozy restaurant is located somewhere below Kyoto station. However, should you come across it don't forget your camera so you can take pictures of the food displays outside to convey your order to the waitress. Unless, you can read the menu that is ;)

Temple Mochi

This delightfully pink mochi was handmade in the city of Tokyo within Meiji Shrine. It was as soft as a cloud melting in your mouth unless you managed to drop yours upon the holy ground.


Princess Cake


That thing above is a Princess Cake. A friend of moonflurry and speedtracer brought it over. It looks like a big, fluffy candy button. But it's not. I'm sorry if you were hoping that it was a gigantic candy button. Either way, our source tells us that it was a tad pricey...about $25 US. But it was well worth the price. My mouth and salivary glands exploded when a fork full of this little slice of heaven entered my pie hole.

The green outer layer is, I believe, made of marzipan. The marzipan was really sweet though, so I ended up not eating most of it. There are three layers of yellow cake...dunno if they had vanilla in them. Between the layers of cake and also the marzipan outer layer is...pastry cream! Anyway, above the last layer of cake is a layer of raspberry jam. Whoever came up with this cake had a death wish, or didn't care about dying. One person seriously could not eat this cake alone.

I love the little, pink flower at the top. It's so darn cute!

Real Man Contest: Bear Claw

You've done it, Roger S. Huxley. You've cleaved the delicious miniature bear claw with your mighty axe, and staved off my hunger for at least one hour.

Noodle Noodle


Me likey ramen. I seriously don't know how to expound on this.

There's this place in J-town, SF that everyone should try at least once. It's called Sapporo-ya. They make their noodles in house, and if you don't think that's awesome then sucks to your mother.

Personally, I don't do the slurpy slurp thing, but that's just because I'm bad at it. Everything goes flying everywhere except in my mouth.

Whoa, I just noticed I drew the chopsticks in my left hand with no premeditation and planning in mind...I'm a dork...tch, step off. I'm left-handed by the way.